My name is Lita I'm five feet, four inches 125lbs I'm 23 years old and I live in the Mojave Desert. Sarcastic and sweet, naughty and nice, sugar and spice. I work out, drink coffee, and drive a mini cooper. I dont know how to prime the pump to my pool, but I do know how to take apart the xerox in my office. ask me something, tell me something, show me something. lets be friends... ;)

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Sex Appeal and Sarcasam

My puppy died today… She had parvo and it was too much for her tiny body.

also, this is the last post on this blog. I’ll keep my other blogs active, and I might be starting a new one, but this one is over. This was supposed to be a safe place, like a diary of sorts. For a few reasons, however, it hasnt been safe and I haven’t been able to vent and just speak freely. Too many people I know reading it. Personal blogs should be kept as secret as possible and this one has been found by too many people who know me too well, and the blog isnt fun anymore. So, if you wanna keep track of me, I’ll still be on Tumblr, just not this blog.

and, I realize I should have waited till tomorrow, you all think “haha April Fools!” No. this has been a while coming. No more super personal posts from me.

thank you so much for listening this whole time though :) you’ve been a wonderful audience.


Anonymous asked
Can I just be you over and do you in da booty?

I bet that line works on all the girls…


my cat is so aggravating in the morning.. she like.. rubs her cold wet noes on my arms… so irritating. 

last night, before I went to bed I had so many things I wanted to write about and now I cant remember any of them…..but lets see. I took the girls out to dinner, I told them I would when I found out they were coming out, and then when none of the bosses said anything about taking them, I was glad that I did! I think everyone was so busy and wrapped up in their own thing they forgot entirely about taking them out! but I took them to one of our neat little Mexican restaurant. I was going to pay but they said they’d get it and get reimbursed, sooo I let them :P

my internet keeps going out.. I need to call Verizon and bitch.. I pay for internet, so I expect to have internet… not a difficult concept. It shuts off ALL THE TIME and Tony is always coming over to bitch about. I dont know how he notices its out before I do..but he does. and he came into work yesterday and it was the first thing he said .. like. really? but until it gets fixed im just gonna show him where the box is and he can reset it himself.. He has the key to my back door. I dont think he realizes it though.

well. I havent gotten any of my clothes ready.  so I need to do that.. Im also cooking some foods and stuff! for lunch today. It’s my last day with the girls, and I think I’ll send them to the lab. lab and the process plant is the only place they havent gone yet, but the guy at the plant is sorta gruff and grumbly.. he might have a soft spot for pretty blonde girls, but meh.. I dunno. I’d rather them just visit the lab and then hang out with me :P so thats what I’m gonna do!

have a great day!



So, I bought some MTC oil.. I think thats the right thing to call it, because I was over coconut oil in my coffee, but now that I stopped drinking coffee…..BUT NO its fine because I managed to get ORANGE again.. Why is orange the default flavor? Guh..Like, every time I buy something and I dont realize it has a flavor, I get it and its orange. I blended it in hot coconut milk with some vanilla and it tastes like a creamcicle. so its okay :P

I made SO many cookies yesterday. It’s sorta ridiculous. I think I made like.. 12 dozen? not exactly sure. I dont count. I just have to make enough to fill up a standard cookie jar, and then some.. to send over to the lab/process. 

The girls from corporate are pretty cool, they arent stuck up at all. I didnt expect them to be, and really through email we’ve known each other for a while… so it’s super neat to finally meet them :) 

Lets see, what is on my agenda for the next two months.. its almost april. so, that means.. its been almost two years since I stepped through the door at the gold mine, almost a year since brad left, almost a year since I kissed someone for the first time, since my first date with another. April 26th I’m going to the Day Glow with a couple friends, and meeting James Dean himself :P then sometime between april first and may 18th, I have to get over to the Ren Faire twice.. thats SUPER exciting.. I love the Ren Fair. At the beginning of May, Brad’s gonna come and pick Amethyst up.. and she’ll either be gone till June, or July, depending on his schedule. Thats whats going on for the next couple months..

So! I’m gonna get dressed now! okay, have a good day and stuff! bai! 

itsarthurvandelay asked
Dressimg extra nice for the corporate folks? Amy chance of a photo in your work clothes?

Noooooo not especially..I thought about taking a picture but I was running late :P

posty post!

so my moms been trying to find a way to make the entrance to her drive way more noticeable in the dark. It’s got a little reflector stand, but it is hard to see.. people miss it all the time. So, she tried to find reflective spray paint. they DO make it, but its not really a commonly asked for thing (why not??) so she had to have it custom ordered.. Anyways, on the way home from the gym yesterday, I was thinking about all those chipped up pieces of the reflectors they put on the road, and thought, if I just grabbed the ones off the side of the road, for like a week, she could just put a whole bunch in the front of the driveway! and it reminded me of these people who live tucked into town and their yard is COVERED in chunks of that stuff, I’ve only driven by their yard in the dark a few times, but they def do the job :P but I think they’re silly.. so maybe I’d be silly for pulling over to the side of the road to pick up broken chunks of reflector…

The last couple times I went to the gym with my mom, we used my handled, weighted sandbag.. and my sandbag is weighted with rice. and it leaks a little. well, I didnt think much of it, a few grains of rice, they sweep like every other day… but there was a note on the whiteboard that said “leave your rice at home, people come here to work out.” and I was thinking, but I was working out….

noted however, and I will seal up my bag better lol. I felt bad, but I didnt think it was THAT big a deal, considering all the other nasty shit that inevitably ends up on the floor at a gym… but noted.

I think I’ve been grinding my teeth.. I woke up with a headache, and my teeth are tender :/ I need to get another grind guard. 

well, the girls from corporate are coming to visit today, and thats pretty exciting :) I need to get dressed and stuff and I didnt set out any clothes last night :/ so thats gonna take a while…anyways, take care, have a good day and stuff! baii! :)


sorry I havent been posting! this weekend was rough, I was sick the whole time haha. It’s not funny, but I was sick. Like, in bed all weekend sick. It really ruined my plans. I had a lot to do. 

but I feel mostly better, most of the spider venom has run its course, and the food poisoning is over.. you know, JUST in time for work.

anyways, I dont have a lot to talk about. Except that basically all I did this weekend was throw up and watch Netflix. Nobody wants to hear about that :P  

Gym tonight with my mom, so pics from that! :)

take care, have a good day, and be nice!

xoxoxoxox :)